Thursday, 29 October 2015

from a family of 3 to a family of 4

Our family has expanded!!! Our girl was promoted to big sister and last January our adoption was complete and we held our son in our arms for the first time.

photo courtesy of Crystal Lee Photography
Before you think, "wow that was easy" or "wow that was fast" let me give you a little behind the scenes action.

We knew we wanted a sibling for Grace, and that we really wanted to pursue another adoption after the 1 year waiting period was over. ( Saskatchewan had- I'm not sure the current regulations- a 12 month wait before you could apply to adopt again) We agreed to take the year to rest ( adoption is HARD) adjust to being parents and enjoy every single second with our girl.  We also wanted to take the time to pray and listen to God about where we would adopt from and the circumstances ( age range? gender? health issues? special circumstances?) By the spring of 2013 we knew for sure we wanted to pursue a second adoption in Taiwan and got in contact with the organization we worked with Grace.  We had to start from square 1 with the second adoption.  The only thing we found easier was that we had a better understanding of the process and the hiccups that we could/would come across daily.  When we were accepted for a second adoption and our time had passed we were able to start the paperwork process for adoption #2.  
photo courtesy of Crystal Lee Photography

After months of waiting, we received a referral for a sweet little boy who was 18 months old.  God had prepared our hearts for this moment and as we read through the proposal we praised God for choosing us as his forever family.

In January 2015 our adoption was finalized and we jumped on a plane to hold our precious son and start the adventure of being a family of 4.

We are so excited to introduce you to Wyatt
To the Wock's Love God

He fills our family with so much joy.  He has captured his big sister's heart. He is full of smiles and his laughter is contagious.  He is determined and strong. He is a miracle. 

The last 10 months we have worked VERY hard at bonding with Wyatt and getting to know him.  We have had sleepless nights, tears and triumphs.  We have had to adjust our schedule, change the way we do life and trust God for our daily needs. We are so blessed!!!! Wyatt your are a gift to us!

photo courtesy of Crystal Lee Photography
*** if you know someone in the adoption process, wether it be in the beginning stages or stuck in the waiting for paperwork and legalization will you stop and give them a huge hug from us and speak words of encouragement over them.  


Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Grab a cup of tea and let's catch up!

Has it been a full year since I shared our heart and story with you? I was visiting with a friend who reminded me I needed to get back to the computer to blog, I was shocked to think anyone one reads our story but also that it had been so terribly long since we shared our adoption journey.

I started writing because I had so desperately searched the Internet for successful stories of adoption and just couldn't find as many resources as I would have liked. Over time my insecurities about my writing and the interest in our story made it easy to walk away from blogging. However, I remember the hours of searching and hope that someday someone in a position like I was in will find encouragement, strength and hope from our story.

So it's time to update the blog starting with where we left off....

Our princess is 4!!!! 

1st day of preschool

She is full of life! Her laughter is contagious and her strength is amazing. This little girl is discovering what it means to be compassionate and caring and balancing that with her determined outlook on life. There are no boundaries standing in her way ( other than maybe mom)

learning to golf

Not much escapes her little ears, and her understanding of life is amazing.

This is the first year we have had any questions from our sweet girl about her story.  Some days it confuses her, other days it brings her peace to hear me tell her the story again. One of the phrases you will overhear her say is " I grew in your heart, right Momma?"

Yes sweet girl, 4 years ago ( and before that) you were a seed of hope, joy and the promise of tomorrow planted in my heart. Im excited to see what being 4 is like for you!

Thanks for following along!