Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you!   We have been so blessed to be able to spend Christmas with our wonderful family.  However there has been one noticeably absent person.... our special gift from God... Grace.
  We are so thankful for everyone at His Hands Taiwan.  Grace got some special one on one time with one of the volunteers and her family during Christmas.   She is very well taken care of, and loved beyond words.  She is in such wonderful hands! 
  This Christmas season  we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and remember the sacrifice He made for us, and the ultimate gift He gave us.  We are so thankful for all of our blessings!
   I was reading someone else's blog and came across this video. this song spoke to my heart and I wanted to share with you.  We are so thankful Grace is not alone, but are praying next Christmas she will be in our arms!

Merry Christmas! We love you!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


On October 21,2011 a baby girl was born in Taiwain.  If you asked me what I was doing that day, I would have no idea it seemed like just another day, little did I know that day would change my life. However if you asked me what I was doing October 26th I could tell you...
   I was laughing and crying.  I may have had alot of snot running down my face... I may have been shaking the computer screen trying to get it to load the email faster..... I was experiencing a joy I had never known before.  I will never forget October 26th... it was the day I found out I had a baby girl...
   Ryan and I are blessed beyond words to announce that we have a beautiful baby girl waiting for us in Taiwan.  She is being taken care of by the wonderful staff and volunteers at His Hands until the court and immigration process is done and we can bring her home ( it can take from 6 months to a year or possibly longer for this to be finished).
    This is not the end of our adoption journey, and we will continue to use the blog to keep you updated on the progress of bringing Grace home along with all the different things we are learning through this adoption process.
  Thank you for your continued love and support!  We appreciate you!
Love Ryan, Kala and Grace

Monday, 24 October 2011

learning to ask for help

One of the many things I am learning through this adoption process is how to ask for help.  I am learning to enjoy the support of family and friends as they pitch in to help with whatever stage we are at.  People have been very generous with their time; proof reading documents, doing research, talking to people to get more information, finding resources, offering advice, being references, writing letters, doing interviews...
One of the most recent instances of asking for help has been with the sponsorship process. We need to apply for sponsorship (immigration) for a child we do not know, not even sure if they are born, or when we will be be referred to be their parents. This has been a process that has brought me to my knees numerous times, begging God to give me the wisdom to complete this very important stage.  (alright I may have also asked Him, just to fill in the form and send it for me...) In the past month we have been blessed to have someone help us wade through the sponsorship paperwork.  When I call for help he patiently lets me spread the millions of pages across his desk, hold my head in my hands, and repeatedly go... "I think I understand" (while shaking my head no).  I think I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to understanding how to apply and I am looking forward to updating  you with the good news that the application has been sent, and we have been approved... 

Thank you to everyone who has helped us out in some way!  You are all so awesome!

Saturday, 3 September 2011


We just wanted to let everyone know that our last meeting for our home study went well.  We have completed all the requirements and she recommended us to be parents.  Our documents have been sent to the Saskatchewan Government and hopefully they are on their way to Taiwan soon!
Thank you for all of your support before our visit!  It was a huge encouragement to us!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Home Study

Next Thursday we are going to meet with our social worker to read over our home study report.   I thought this would be a good opportunity to let you know what the home study process has been like for us.  Just a side note: Every province has different rules and regulations, and every family has a different experience... this is just our story!
   Part of the requirement for adopting is having a home study done.  After we were approved to work with His Hands Taiwan, we had to be approved by the Saskatchewan Government.   After we were approved by the government we were given a list of independent social workers who we could contact to arrange to start the home study process with.  We were fortunate to find a practitioner in Regina and were excited for our first meeting.
   Now, nothing can prepare you for your home study.   We read books on adoption process, we read blogs from people who were in the process of adopting or had completed adoption, we looked up the definition of home study... but yet nothing came close to explaining what the next few months would be like.  Our experience has been wonderful, challenging, and extremely humbling.  The home study is not a quick look at your house sort of event... it required pages and pages of reading, a very long thorough questionnaire for each of us, many reference letters, interviews, review of finances, education sessions and an actual tour of our home.  We were required to be very honest about everything from our marriage to our parenting techniques, our plans for the future and our past.  There were no stones unturned.  
  The day of the actual home visit was one of the funniest days.  Let me set the stage for you... it was windy and very rainy.  The ditch on the side of our gravel road was now full and starting to seep onto the road.  The main highways to Estevan were both experiencing a small amount of flooding.  I had been scrubbing the house top to bottom for at least two weeks now trying to keep the mud at bay.  Twenty minutes before the social worker was set to arrive the power goes out.  We quickly call Saskpower to let them know and start lighting candles for extra light.  The time has come and she arrives, wind blown from the trip from Regina and not sure if she was going to make it in her little car along the almost flooded gravel road.  She is excited to see us again and tour the house, but after two hours in the car she needs to use the bathroom.  Now for us, if the power goes out nothing works.... including the water.... So off we go to find a lantern to light up the bathroom.  Thankfully I had picked up some hand wipes to keep in my car the day before and run out to grab them.  With this adventure under our belt we have a great session, learnt lots, answer more questions and talk about the house.  All this time we sat around candle light.  When she leaves for the day, we sit and laugh.  All that work to impress her to show off the house and ourselves in the best possible manner, but all that really counts is who we truly are, and how we adapt to life...
 We are excited for Thursday.  It marks the end of this chapter and one step closer to bringing our child home.  It is also a little bit nerve wracking, having to read a report about us and our ability to be good parents or not.  
   Thanks for being apart of this journey with us!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

the perfect gift

Have you ever entered a store to stand in front of the shelf and stare blankly at all the items looking for the perfect gift?  I think I am always in search for that little something that will cheer someone up, or say just how important they are too me.
  In the last couple of weeks we have been blessed with emails, facebook messages, cards and words of excitement and congratulations on our adoption.  I had no idea how much that would mean to us.  Every word of encouragement has been the perfect gift.  We have been so blessed by all of you.  
   The greatest thing we can ask for is your support.  Thank you for being interested in us, thank you for loving us... and letting us know you love us.
  Thank you!  Make sure you tell someone you love them today!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Just Love Coffee- Fundraiser

Looking on the internet I came across a couple of fundraisers specifically for people who are adopting.  Just Love Coffee Roasters is just such a place.  They roast fair trade speciality coffee and sell them with contributions going to an orphanage in Ethiopia and also money towards families adopting.  We were able to make up our own "shop" .  If you like coffee or know someone who does check out the link.  For every bag of coffee that is sold we receive $5 towards our adoption.  All purchases need to be made through our site.

Please do not feel like you need to purchase anything. We came across this site during our research and thought it was a great idea.  We know the cost of adoption is great, but we are not asking you for anything. This is a great opportunity if you like coffee or know someone who does.  Please pass this on to your friends if you think they would be interested.  


A little bit of information

    A few days ago Ryan and I decided that we needed to find a way to share what was going on with our adoption process.  We looked at different ways that we could connect with a lot of people and share what was going on with our adoption journey in a quick and efficient way.  A friend suggested a blog.... and here we are.
   I will be honest, I have kept our adoption journey pretty close to my heart.  I have been so excited, but scared to share with too many people.  I am afraid that people will have lots of opinions, negative reactions or worst of all not be excited for us.  I am stepping out in faith right now, knowing that all of these things will probably happen, but the positive reactions, the love, support and the understanding people will have of our journey will be worth every negative experience.
 A little background information for you...  Ryan and I have been accepted to adopt from Taiwan.  We are working with an organization called His Hands Taiwan (check out their website .  They are a Christian organization who's mission is to "counsel, care for, and house unwed mothers in crisis pregnancies".  They also facilitate adoptions if one of these mothers decide that the best option is to give their child up for adoption.  Right now we are in the stage of the home study ( I will blog some other time about what that entails).  God willing we will be finished everything for that in August and then wait, pray and prepare for the day we get our referral from Taiwan.
   Our plan is to use this blog as a way to keep people updated on where we are at in the adoption process.  We are also looking at doing some fundraisers to help with the cost of the adoption ( you will be seeing a post soon about these) 
  Please keep us in your prayers!  We are so excited to share our adoption journey with you!  If you have an questions or comments that you want to send privately please email us at or the blog email

Have a fantastic Canada Day!