Saturday, 9 March 2013

ChInese New Year party!

Our Chinese New Year party went off with less of a bang than we expected but we had a fantastic time.  Since you couldn't all be there with us, I thought I would share a couple of fun pictures and some stories from our great night.

pretty red dress made by Nana
Chinese New Year  is celebrated in many Asian countries including Taiwan.  Chinese New Year is determined by the lunar calendar. This year it started on February 10th.  Chinese New Year last 15 days.

We chose February 17th to celebrate.   Ryan and I had been looking forward to hosting this party since all year.  We had planned, and changed plans, we bought supplies, dreamed about how to make the day perfect and counted down!  

Two special friends who braved the storm to enjoy the day with us!

The day arrived: 
Grace had the perfect red party dress,
The house was clean,
the guests were invited,
menu planned,

and a Saskatchewan blizzard rolled in.

Everyone was a trooper and braved the snow and wind to come out.  Our home was filled with, laughter, love and thankfully heat :)

we introduced our guests to a couple of new food items: tea eggs, pineapple cake, and bubble tea. 

tea eggs- making them reminded us of the many 7-11's we were in during our time in Taiwan

We had a wonderful night, and even with the storm and cold we were able to light off a couple of fireworks.  I cant wait till next year to see what adventures we can have.

For those of you who could be with us, Thank you!  You made our day so special!