Monday, 2 June 2014


What day is it?"

It's today," squeaked Piglet.
My favorite day," said Pooh.” 

Grumpy face

silly girl

Today is my favourite day because I got to make you breakfast and then chase you around the house trying to wrestle you into your pants.  Today is my favourite day because you mastered a new height, new skill, new word.  Today was my favourite day because you challenge me to give everything I have and then more, all of my patience, all of my love, all of my knowledge, all of my joy.  Today is my favourite because you hug me as tight as you can and say "good job Mommy", because you never forget to smell the flowers or pet the dog.

too much hard work
We have been walking through a season with Grace that has forced us to take each day at a time.  Grace has been struggling with some attachment issues and has required us to focus on the present.  When I say attachment people tend to disagree that Grace has any attachment issues.  I believe that Grace 100% knows that we are her Mom and Dad, I have full confidence that she knows we are here for her forever.  But we have seen her go through a season of insecurity and fear and needing constant reassurance in little things in her day.  Reassurance that we hear her, that what she is feeling is important to us, that we will be there for her no matter if she screams, cries or lays down kicking and screaming. It has been a physically and mentally exhausting season but we have season the fruit of our labour.

so sweet
Walking through this season has forced us to focus on today, and because we have been focusing on today we see the beauty in the little moments.  It has meant cancelling plans last minute because what Grace really needed was time at home.  It has meant nights laying in uncomfortable positions for hours to cuddle Grace just the way she wanted.  It has meant long conversations, singing the same song over and over.  It has meant running, jumping, playing and cuddling!

so yes… today is my favourite day!