Saturday, 26 May 2012

7 months ago today.. a letter to my daughter

    7 months ago today your Daddy and I saw your sweet little face for the first time.  You are so incredibly beautiful.  Your eyes sparkle, they hold a sense of mischievousness and joy.  Your smile lights up the room, and your giggle is contagious.   Your daddy and I fall in love with you more each day, every time we think our heart is completely full, it grows with love for you!
   7 months is a long time not to be able to hold you, to smell you hair, feel your fingers in my hand, listen to you sleep, to comfort you when you cry, to make you laugh or so many other things! 7 months since we got our phone call saying we had a referral for you, 7 months has changed our lives.
   We can not be with you today, but like so many other days I am writing you a letter so that someday you know how much we love you, not a moment of our lives did we not think of you, pray for you, and long to be united with you!
   Can I tell you a secret?  you have an incredible Daddy.... he loves you so much.  When he talks about you his face lights up, when he looks at your pictures that Aunt Ashleigh sends he studies each one so that he does not miss one moment.  His love for you Grace is indescribable.  Watching him love you more each day has been a blessing to me, he lives out what unconditional love is.  He is your daddy every moment of the day, even if he can not be with you.  Never forget how important you are to him Grace.
   I may have missed so many of your firsts... the first time you rolled over, the first time you sat up on your own, the first time you had a fever, the first time you smiled, the first time you crawled.  Your scrapbook will not be the same as your some of your friends, but these first 7 months your scrapbook will be filled with memories from so many sweet people that have taken care of you.  They dress you up, snuggle you close, take lots of pictures, play with you, take you for sleepovers... they love you.  Your story is so unique and special.
   Today sweet girl I remember the moment my heart changed.  I pray that God will bring you home soon.  I miss you terribly.  It is not easy being so far away from you, praying each morning that this will be the day that we get the phone call that we get to bring you home.
  7 months ago we said yes to being your parents, and praised God for the gift of your life.  Today we are still praising God for his wonderful plan.  You are such a special gift!
   Love you always

  Mommy XOXO

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Grace's Room

We thought we would give you a sneak peak of Grace's room!

View from the hallway

crib all set up with the beautiful play mat that Grammy made for Grace

2 closets to fill... in between the doors is the Chinese character for love

Now all we need is one sweet little girl to fill this room with smiles, giggles, love, laughter and lots of mess!

(picture taken at easter time)

We still do not know when we can bring Grace home, but we are praying it will be soon!