Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Spring is in the air!

As the seasons finally begin to change here in snowy Saskatchewan, my heart is full!  After a bad case of cabin fever due to the cold, snowy, icy winter the weather is finally changing and I can see a patch of grass in my backyard.  With the sunny days and warmer temperatures, I feel excited about the coming days!

The last couple of weeks I have found my mind often wandering to last year around this time/ season.  I remember how hard it was, and how many emotions were going through my heart.   I can still remember checking my phone at least 10 times in the middle of the night, as Taiwan was 14hrs ahead and all pictures and correspondence came in the middle of the night.  Wow! what a difference a year makes. 

I have been thankful for this time of reflection, for the sweet memories of last year, the reminder of all the people who we love and have been apart of our lives. I am thankful for the reminder of all of the emotions: both good and bad.  I hope I never forget what it feels like to hurt so much, because I love someone more than words can begin to explain.   The journey we went through to bring Grace home was the hardest and most amazing thing.   I want to share a couple of things I have been remembering: 

  • as I dressed Grace today I chose a bright yellow shirt, because every time i see yellow it reminds me of Christel one of the amazing women who took special time to love Grace while she was in Taiwan
  • every time I cut Grace's fingernails I remember the nannies ( especially Mary Joy) who took the time to do even the littlest thing for my girl, who loved her so much. 
  • I see Grace's smile and it reminds me of Holly.  She always had a beautiful smile on her face and it somehow got even bigger when she saw a precious His Hands baby. She carried joy with her wherever she went.
  • I often take out my camera to capture special memories and wish I could just pick up the phone to share special moments and stories with all of  Grace's Aunties in Taiwan.  Grace started saying Auntie this weekend,  and I was so blessed to know that Grace is surrounded with love of so many "aunties", those that are related, and those who adopted her as part of their family from the day they met her.
  • I hear Grace's laugh and I think of Grace's birth mom and pray that she knows how much we love this precious child, how thankful we are for HER life and pray for her

Spring is in the air! A year ago I was playing in the mud puddles by myself, but this year I have a partner in crime.  

enjoying an ice cream cone!

New hip waders for puddle jumping

enjoying being outside in the sunshine
Enjoy your day!