Wednesday, 30 April 2014

the cost of adoption

I often get asked how much did it cost to adopt?

and my very true and honest answer is everything….

Adoption has cost us everything.

It cost us every shred of privacy we ever thought we had….

it cost us sleep… while we waited… and once we were home…

it cost us personal time….

it cost us friendships…..

it cost us giving up total control….

it cost us our hearts….

oh yeah… it cost us a little money as well.

The cost of adoption is very real… when you agree to adopt you agree to give everything you have to bringing your child home.  This is a child you have never met, never held, never kissed, never touched. This is your child.  And bringing them home cost you a lot more than a plane ticket.  

This winter we have been preparing to fundraise for our adoption, and while the monetary cost has seemed overwhelming I have been reminded that the cost of adoption is so much more.  Physically we need to raise/save the money to cover the expenses that come with international adoption… and we will slowly but surely ( check back soon for blog posts about our current fundraisers) and the rest we have already payed, we have given our hearts to a child that does not share our DNA but has our hearts completely.  

I am blessed!  I am so blessed!!!!

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